In You The Orphan Finds Mercy.   

                    Hosea 14:3

Why is orphan hosting important?

  • Kids experience life within a healthy family unit

  • Learn English & develop relationships

  • Experience life outside the orphanage

  • Increase the odds of a productive adult life

Orphans are forced to leave the care of the orphanage at about age 16 with a 9th grade education at best.  Over 75% end up in addiction, human trafficking, incarceration, or premature death.

Being hosted by a healthy family dramatically improves the odds of a young orphan in the Ukraine beginning a relationship with Jesus and making it in the real world.

Summer Orphan Hosting

The kids spend from late June to early August, which is during their summer break, with host families. The fee to host a child is $2,900. This covers the child's airfare, health insurance, travel costs in country (bus/train tickets), and professional document fees for Visa's and international passports. Many families who host may receive grants and often fundraise a large portion of the hosting fees. 

A chaperone and translator will travel with the kids and will be available to families for questions and support throughout their stay.

Host parents are required to fill out an application, complete a background check, participate in preparation meetings, and join the group in picking up and dropping off the hosted children at the MSP Airport.

Courageous Families Inc. is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization