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The Biermaier Family Hosting
Adoption Story 2019

As far as what the kids are like?  I can answer that the Hand of God must have guided these specific children into our lives last year.  The bonding that happened between all of us was breathtaking. Each received love from our family and in turn gave us more than we could have ever imagined!

The Orsten's

(hosted 6 orphans 2017 & 3 orphans 2018, adopted 3 orphans 2019)



Orphan hosting is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus in a unique setting!  Daily life with your family!  It grew our family's character in countless ways before, during and continues still after. For us, the best parts were seeing the care our kids had as they helped prepare the bedroom for their visit and enjoying the time spent with the two girls we hosted as they learned about what life was like for them.  Orphan hosting brings a sweet soul to you and hope to a child, who may not know what a loving family is like.


The Olmscheid's   

(hosted 2 orphans 2017, back up host family 2018, hosted 1 orphan 2019)




Our family hosted two sisters the summer of 2018 and one girl the summer of 2019. Hosting has been one of the greatest gifts God has given us. We wanted to show orphans Gods love through our family. He ended showing us his love through these precious children.  Our lives will forever be changed by having spent a summer with them. Our whole family looked forward to preparing for their arrival and all the activities we would do together as a family.  We thank Courageous Families from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for these beautiful children.

Love the Morrissey's

(Summer Hosted 2 orphans 2018 & 1 orphan 2019)

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